Where Can I Camp/Overland?

Enjoy The Scenery

Great Campsites Around Moab

Moab is surrounded by thousand of square miles of public lands with a lot of great areas to camp. Below is a link to DiscoverMoab.com which has great information on the many camping options around Moab, as well as dos and don’ts you should know when visiting:

If you have booked a reservation with us, reach out to [email protected] for a list of recommended campsite coordinates. Please make sure to put your booking number in the about line.

Custom Itinerary Packages

Custom Itinerary packages are available to purchase, and can be added to any reservation

Packages include day route maps, campsites, hikes, points of interest, in a customizable cohesive flow, to make sure you get the most out of Moab. Price is $150 for up to 3 days. Additional days can be purchased for $40/day.

Get Out There

Recommended Overland Trails

Utah has some incredible trails, camping and scenery, particularly in and around Moab (To lean more check out: DiscoverMaob.com.) Below are some of the trails that we recommend you get out and see. Each of these offers exciting overland experiences that are within the capabilities of our vehicles. Keep in mind these are recommendations, trail conditions can change from erosion, weather, etc. You are responsible for any and all damage caused to yourself, your party, the vehicle, and equipment. Many more trails are allowed, these are just some close by favorites! Please call us to discuss any routes/adventures you have in mind. We are always happy to guide you to the perfect adventure! (Click links below for more info on each trail.)

Extreme Sports Jet Skiing
A True Moab Experience

Hard Core 4×4 Tours

If you’re looking for a true hard core 4×4 experience, let us help you set up a custom off-road tour. We will get you in contact with some of the best local and licensed guides that can rattle your teeth and take you to the edge. Or choose the follow along option, where you drive one of our vehicles following a licensed guide who is there to show you the ropes and get you out of any sticky situations.

  • Average tours start around $450

  • 4-5 Hours of Exciting 4×4 Experiences

  • Up to 4 People per Tour