What Areas Are Allowed/Prohibited?

Recommended & Prohibited Trails Lists

We want you to get out and explore, find new things and challenge yourself. Our vehicles are designed to hit the dirt and trails, but use good judgement and keep the vehicles off roads and trails that could cause damage. (See our recommended trails list below.) Rock crawling, taking our vehicles to off-road parks, mud parks/mud play, excessive deep water crossings or driving on any prohibited trails will result in a $1,000 fine. This fine is NOT part of your security deposit. Any of the above listed activities could also result in an automatic cancellation of your rental and loss of security deposit. Our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking technology for your safety and our peace of mind. (See prohibited trails list below.)

To lean more about the Moab area check out: DiscoverMaob.com

If you are interested in running any prohibited trails please contact us for a per trail custom quote.

Hellcat Powered Hell’s Revenge

Hardcore 4×4 Tours

If you’re looking for a true hard core 4×4 experience, let us help you set up a custom off-road tour. We will get you in contact with some of the best local and licensed guides that can rattle your teeth and take you to the edge. Or choose the follow along option, where you drive one of our vehicles following a licensed guide who is there to show you the ropes and get you out of any sticky situations.

  • Average tours start around $450

  • 4-5 Hours of Exciting 4×4 Experiences

  • Up to 4 People per Tour